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Online Program in Advanced Supply Chain

Key growth lever for junior professionals or professionals in specialized areas who want to take part in a more strategic and global vision of the supply chain

Nid: 23090

Company strategy and supply chain. Professor: Dr. Jordi Dalmau

What is business strategy, how does supply chain strategy align with your needs, and the role of operations management.

How to promote innovation within the company.

What is a dashboard (Balance Score Card) and quality in the company.

Risk management in the supply chain and initial knowledge of budget management in the company.

Strategy of the areas of the supply chain. Professor: Ramon Roig

How to deploy the general strategy of the supply chain in the different functional areas: planning, purchasing, manufacturing, storage and distribution and the related technological systems.

What is customer service management?

Demand Planning

How budgets related to the supply chain are constructed.

Supply Chain Management. Professor: José Eulogio Mas

What tools and methods help managers with supplier management (SRM-Supplyer Relationship Manager).

What is Sales and Operational planning and how to implement it.

Supply management.

Inventory management.

Storage management.

Distribution/Primary Transportation.

Operational management with operations budget, control and deviations: how to detect and manage them.

International Supply Chain & Lean Logistisc. Professors: Eduard Camilleri and Màrius Gil

What is international supply chain management: imports and exports.

Introduction to incoterms (International Commercial Terms): how responsibilities, expenses and the transmission of risk will be distributed between the buyer and the one who has international merchandise for sale). They are International Commercial Terms. International regulations.

Continuous improvement tools applied to logistics.

Creation of scenarios for decision making.