02 February 2023

Dr. Jaume Duran, awarded with the first prize of the PhD Days organized within the framework of the IALU

The winning thesis reflects on the links between neuroscience, religion and spirituality

Dr. Jaume Duran has been awarded the prize of the first 'PhD Days' contest, a research sharing contest in which doctorates from the universities of the RELEM region (Lasallian Region of Europe and the Mediterranean) participated, which includes all the universities in Europe and North Africa that are part of the International Association La Salle Universities (IALU).

The objective of the meeting was to make visible the work of the La Salle doctorates and explore possible ways of collaboration. Likewise, the participants explained their projects in 10-minute pitches. The first 'PhD Days' took place on the La Salle-URL campus and included the involvement of La Salle Madrid and the universities of the RELEM region within the framework of the IALU. All doctorates who have read their theses in the last two years were invited.

The winning thesis, focused on neuroscience, religion and spirituality

​The doctoral thesis of Dr. Jaume Duran is entitled The four dimensions of the human person: From the anthropology of the Psalter to the neurobiology of the 21st century, and has been directed by Dr. Francesc Torralba, professor at the Faculty of Philosophy of La Salle-URL. This thesis, dedicated to the neuroscientific justification of religion and spirituality, is a work of approximation to an essential anthropology based on a multidimensional view of the individual according to the anthropological proposal of the Old Testament writings, and its correlation with the neurobiological findings of today.

The thesis explores the link between humanism, science and technology, elements of transversal study in La Salle-URL. Dr. Jaume Duran received a diploma accrediting his award from the General Director of La Salle-URL, Josep M. Santos; the Director of Research at La Salle-URL, Dr. Rosa Maria Alsina; and Dr. Armando Pego, Full Professor of Humanities at La Salle-URL.