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Degree in Management of Business and Technology

Internationality, technology, innovation, creativity, entrepreneurship, values, and both people and team management are the keys to define this degree. Includes international stages.

Sales Management

Sales Marketing is a course that helps students develop the skills required to sell a product, service or themselves as a matter of fact at job interviews. The course provides students with the basic sales dialogues required to fulfill such a function in a company although it also provides students with a model and practice to develop their sales negotiations skills, which are often vital to securing a sale under the right conditions. This course also provides students with a framework and conceptual understanding about how to structure and motivate a sales team and the sorts of leadership qualities that good sales managers need when handling sales teams.
Type Subject
Tercer - Obligatoria

Students will go away from the course having developed a thorough knowledge of sales techniques for modern organizations both at the B2C and B2B level. They will understand how to manage the selling function and how to organize sales teams. Most importantly they will develop skills and competencies that are key to both their careers in sales and further through to more senior executive positions. These include softer skills like negotiation skills, our ability to empathise and manage our emotions, and harder skills, like inside sales funcions of platforms like Microsoft Dynamics,, etcs.


Overview of the personal selling.

Building Trust.

B2B Understanding buyers and their needs

Influence techniques

Trust-Based Processes

Closing and dealing with concerns - A B2C perspective

Planning sales dialogues and presentations and communicating value

Sales Management I

Sales Management II

Prospecting and Digital Sales management and CRM

Sales negotiation

Deal Making



The learning experience is based on a range of teaching methods that seek to foster your understanding of the marketing function. The classes will be dynamic only if students come to class prepared and willing to contribute to class discussion. The classes will involve simulations and roles plays to practice sales techniques. The classes will concentrate on the principle sales concepts, readings and case studies that you will be required to do outside class time as well as in-class discussions.


1. Mid-term Sales person interview project (and presentation) 25 %

2. Individual Assignment Selling a Retail Product Sales video (B2C) and feedback 10 %

3. Group Assignment B2B video and feedback 15 %

4. Case assignments and final paper 35 %

5. Participation (you must attend 80% of classes unless you have justification) 15 %

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