11 July 2022

Digital Arts and Animation students close the course demonstrating their talent

The students of the Animation & VFX degree and the Digital Arts degree, who this year have graduated their first promotion, have closed the 21-22 academic year with a series of activities and events that have served to exhibit their work and demonstrate their talent and academic excellence. In addition, they visited art centers and international festivals and learned from some of the great references of the profession.

Work presentation at the Centre d’Arts Digitals IDEAL

The third-year students of the Digital Arts degree had the privilege of exhibiting at the Centre d’Arts Digitals IDEAL the works they have done for the subject 'Augmented and virtual reality'. It was a great opportunity for the students, since for two hours they enjoyed an immersive 360-degree projection of their projects created with XR technology.

In addition, some works by the Claudia Mate, Natalia Stuyk and Digo Studio studios were later screened. The artists responsible for the pieces explained to the students their way of working and their experience in creating immersive works.

Fifth edition of La Salle Arts & Animation Fest​ 

The talent of the La Salle-URL students of the Animation and Digital Arts degrees was once again evident during the celebration of the fifth edition of La Salle Arts & Animation Fest, the event that once again served to close the academic year recognizing the best works of the students of both grades.

Like every year, the celebration has had a special guest. This year, the guest was one of the great world benchmarks in the sector, Jama Jurabaev. The conceptual artist and digital illustrator, who works in both the film and video game industries and has participated in films such as X-men and Guardians of the Galaxy, attended the event and gave a master class.


Exhibition at the Biblioteca Joan Maragall

The first-year students of the Digital Arts degree exhibited at the Joan Maragall Library in the Sant Gervasi neighborhood, in Barcelona, ​​​​the illustrations they have created for a very special project: a book published in collaboration with La Salle University Center of Madrid.

The project, entitled 'Tell me a story', served the students of La Salle-URL to think about and carry out an original proposal for a real project. The works were exhibited and could be visited at the Joan Maragall Library for practically a month.


Presentation of the projects at the Dipòsit del Rei Martí

Within the framework of the subject 'Design of 3D environments' of the second year of Digital Arts, the students presented interactive pieces created from the knowledge acquired in the classes in the multipurpose space of the Dipòsit del Rei Martí.

Divided into groups, the students used video projections and played with light and lasers to create their works. The challenge for the students, among others, was to project their pieces knowing the specificities of the space in which they would be exhibited. In this way, they put themselves in the shoes of a professional digital artist and learned to face the reality that they will find when they finish their studies.


Visit and participation in the Annecy Festival

The students of the Animation & VFX degree had the opportunity to visit and participate in the Annecy International Animation Festival, one of the main annual meetings in the sector, in which the latest news and trends in the world of animation are presented.

La Salle-URL had its own stand at the festival, where La Salle-URL Animation degree students were able to show some of their projects. In addition, the students were able to get to know the world of the industry from within, interacting with professionals, companies and experts from all over the world.