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Degree in Management of Business and Technology

Internationality, technology, innovation, creativity, entrepreneurship, values, and both people and team management are the keys to define this degree. Includes international stages.

Channel Management

Marketers must balance channel strategies, planning and messaging to achieve success. In order to solve 21st century marketing challenges we must utilize and combine several channel marketing approaches, strategies and tools that allow us to develop effective business marketing solutions. The Channel Marketing course catapults the student into using the knowledge and skills gained over the years into real business practices of the 21st century. Students are presented with two different Channel Management challenges. Challenges include: Company & Stakeholder analysis, benefits and the underlying technology potential |Market Segmentation | and Internationalization, Growth & Sustainability strategy | Brand positioning | Communication strategy | KPI's each challenge has a set of learning outcomes, problems to solve and specific deliverables. This course is designed to increase students' awareness of the relevant role of channel management in business today. Students will approach each challenge from various aspects of marketing communications, both on and off line, and work in a real company and real time setting.
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Tercer - Obligatoria

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Previous Knowledge

- Successfully apply multidisciplinary, theoretical knowledge to solve problems in practical situations and scenarios.
- Be able to communicate effectively, achieve objectives as part of a team, successfully adopt leadership roles.
- Apply critical analysis, problem solving and creative thinking in order to synthesize and draw effective conclusions and presentations that support deliverables.
- Demonstrate an advanced level of academic ability in areas such as Market Research, Project Planning, and Social Media Communication.
- Exercise a practical, comprehensive approach to multiple marketing challenges by using critical, creative and innovative thinking in the organizational context.
- Effectively manage the opportunities and challenges of international, multicultural business contexts.
- Be fully aware of the ethical, social and community responsibilities implicit in channel management.
- Monitor one's own knowledge gained in the International business and marketing communication processes.


Challenge I: Ecosystem Analysis - Sports & Other "Big Venue" Events. Deliverables: Video, Presentations, Benchmark reporting.
Challenge II: Channel Marketing Proposal. Deliverables: Video, Presentations, Challenge reporting.


The teaching methodology for this course is defined by the concept 'learning by doing'. This means that the in-depth theoretical understanding and knowledge gained over the past three years of study at LaSalle BES should allow you to practically apply this knowledge in real case scenarios and business contexts. This will enhance and complement your learning experience.
This Channel Management course will provide you with important opportunities to test your knowledge and skills in practical situations such as managing projects, working with real organizations, participating in problem solving challenges and creating new business solutions. Students are expected to:
- Organize and manage group challenges | P2P Learning.
- Assign group roles and responsibilities.
- Design and develop a deliverable plan for each challenge.
- Answer the specific objectives for each challenge.
- Meet deadlines for presentations, reports.
Individual and group participation is evaluated in all challenges. This enables students to maximize the possibility of achieving their learning objectives.
Agile problem solving, Peer2Peer learning in class, enables students to assess, evaluate and work as teams to solve challenges by replicating real workplace environments.
Attendance forms part of the overall evaluation. All students are expected to be in class during designated dates: Challenge and Industry Expert Introduction, Tutorials, Presentations.
Students are required to justify absence from attendance with official medical note to be submitted to the program secretary and the professors. Extenuating circumstances maybe considered by the Director of the program and will be dealt with individually.
Upon completion of this course students will be able to:
- Understand business challenges and the importance of Channel Marketing and Management strategies.
- Make marketing decisions considering the business context of organizations.
- Understand the organizational function of marketing and communication in practical situations and scenarios.
- Understand the process for creating, communicating and delivering value to companies, consumers and stakeholders.
- Experience, first hand, real company challenges as shared by company experts.
- Work as a team to evaluate, solve and measure for success; think out of the box.


The course grade will be based on the following percentage weight breakdown of challenge:
- Upload video - YouTube: 10%
- Attendance & Participation: 10%
- Report challenge 1: 20%
- Presentation to Expert challenge 1: 20%
- Report challenge 2: 20%
- Presentation to Expert challenge 2: 20%
Continuous evaluation (undertaking evaluations throughout the semester, not only during examination periods) is a key characteristic that defines this course. Examples of continuous assessment methods include: participation, attendance, progress reports, evaluations, group presentations and group reports.
Retake policy: The re-take consists on delivering the two challenge requirements individually. More details to be agreed with the teacher that will evaluate the case.

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