18 July 2023

Animation and Digital Arts students showcase their talent and creativity in a series of trips, events and activities

Animation and Digital Arts month at La Salle-URL: participation in Sónar +D, trips to international festivals, project presentations at IDEAL and a new edition of La Salle Animation & Arts Fest

The students of the Animation & VFX and Digital Arts degrees, both taught by the Shool of Engineering La Salle (ETSELS), have closed the academic year claiming their talent and demonstrating the academic excellence of studies in a series of activities, cultural events and international trips. The students have exhibited their work and projects, have been able to learn from leaders in the profession and have learned about the reality of the sector at a global level, among many other experiences.

Participation in Sónar +D, a space for reflection on the music and audiovisual industry

​La Salle-URL participated in Sónar +D, a meeting of digital culture and creative technologies held in mid-June in Barcelona and in parallel to the renowned Sónar music and creativity festival. The campus had its own stand where three projects by three Digital Arts and Multimedia Engineering students, Judith Tarrés, Clara Soler and Oriol Murcia, were exhibited. The La Salle-URL students explained to the attendees the creation and development of their projects.

Sónar +D is the Sónar space in which the state of the music and audiovisual industry is studied, reflected on and observed, dealing with aspects such as the application of artificial intelligence, innovation and musical and audiovisual creativity through the different digital tools and the incidence in the industry of the climatic emergency.

The Centre d'Arts Digitals IDEAL hosts project presentations

Digital Arts students of 3rd year once again had the opportunity to present their work on augmented and virtual reality at the Centre d'Arts Digitals IDEAL, the digital culture center in Barcelona that experiences the immersion of audiovisual projects to create a new relationship between art and society.

During the first part of the experience, the students held a workshop with industry experts and began to prepare the exhibition of their projects, which they were able to present to professors, family members, and industry guests throughout the afternoon.

La Salle Animation & Art Fest celebrates its sixth edition

​All Animation and Digital Arts students closed the academic year with the celebration of the sixth edition of La Salle Animation & Art Fest, an event that has become the best epilogue of the academic year, in which the best works of the field are recognized and special sessions and various activities are held.

This year, the special guest and speaker of the master session was Edu Martín, a digital artist specializing in animation with more than 25 years of experience in the sector, in which he has worked in companies such as Pixar and Skydance and in projects such as Brave, Monsters University, Cars 2 or Luck, among others.


The Dipòsit del Rei Martí, space for the presentation of 3D works

Digital Arts 2nd year students were able to exhibit their interactive projects in the Dipòsit del Rei Martí, a multipurpose space in Barcelona. The students' work was developed in one of the 3D environment design subjects.

The works were developed by playing with light, audiovisuals and lasers, among other tools, taking into account and having to play with the specificity of the space in which they were to be exhibited. Thus, they have had to become professional digital artists and understand the characteristics of the exhibition site to create the works.

Visita to the Annecy Festival, one of the major world events in the sector

​A group of students and professors from the Animation & VFX degree visited and participated in the Annecy International Animated Film Festival, in France, one of the major global events dedicated to the sector.

For yet another edition, La Salle-URL had its own stand throughout the days of the festival, where students were able to show and explain their projects and, at the same time, meet and interact with professionals, experts and companies in the sector.

Exhibition at the Biblioteca Joan Maragall

The Biblioteca Joan Maragall, in the Sant Gervasi neighborhood of Barcelona, ​​was the space chosen to host one more year the presentation of the projects of the students of the 1st year of the Digital Arts degree. The projects were shown earlier on campus.

The exhibition is a showcase of projects that reviews many of the aspects studied in the degree: drawing and illustration, anime and manga, art direction, sculpture, photography, video games, the real world and the virtual world, metaverses and immersive experiences.

Ars Anatomica at the Hospital de Barcelona

Between May 22 and June 30, La Salle-URL organized Ars Anatomica, an exhibition on art, anatomy, research and cooperation that could be visited at the Hospital de Barcelona and had the participation of students and professors from the campus.

The exhibition showed a set of anatomy drawings made in recent years for students of Digital Arts at La Salle-URL. The exhibition plans to travel to be able to visit hospitals around the world.