07 February 2022

The 100tífiques initiative has the participation of three researchers from La Salle-URL


One more year, and coinciding with the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, this February 11th the fourth edition of 100tífiques takes place, an initiative that makes visible the role of women scientists in the world of business in teaching and research. And again, as happened last year, La Salle-URL participates through three of its researchers: Rosa Maria Alsina, Elisabeth Golobardes and Míriam Calvo.

The three of them, and the rest of the participating women scientists, will share with schoolchildren from all over Catalonia their work as women who dedicate themselves to science from their fields and sectors. Throughout the day, talks are held in many schools in Catalonia in which the scientists will explain what they do and how they work, so that boys and girls can identify good practices, understand the importance of scientific and technological professions and approach, from curiosity, the day to day and the reality of women who are dedicated to science.

· Rosa Maria Alsina, Director of Research at La Salle-URL, will speak to the 6th grade students of the Escola Duran i Bas in Barcelona about acoustic signal processing, explaining some of the projects in which she is participating related to the subject, such as 'Sons al Balcó', 'CowTalk' or 'Dynamap'.

· Elisabet Golobardes, full professor at La Salle-URL and coordinator of the Master's Degree in Big Data, will share knowledge on artificial intelligence and data science with three groups from the Escola Sant Miquel dels Sants de Vic.

· Míriam Calvo, professor and researcher at La Salle-URL, will explain her research in the LHCb experiment at CERN (the laboratory where the European Organization for Nuclear Research is housed) to the 6th grade students of the Escola Pérez Sala in Vilassar de Mar. "I will make a very basic introduction to the world of particle physics, accelerators, particle detectors and what are the mysteries of the universe that we want to answer with them," she explains.