18 May 2023

The URL, best Catalan university for job placement in the field of 'Business, administration and law' according to the U-Ranking

La Salle-URL is one of the URL centers that teaches studies in the field of business

​The Ramon Llull University (URL), of which La Salle-URL is a founding member, is the best Catalan university for job placement in the field of 'Business, administration and law' according to the U-Ranking. In addition, it appears in fourth global position in Catalonia and also first in the field 'Education'. La Salle Campus Barcelona is one of the centers that make up the URL that teaches business studies through the International Faculty of Commerce and Digital Economy La Salle (FICEDLS).

The U-Ranking report analyzes the job placement of university students based on the labor results of 2019 by the graduates of the 2013-2014 academic year. Through this report, U-Ranking presents a general classification of all universities and a classification by fields of knowledge. Among the ten fields of knowledge considered by U-Ranking, the URL appears in eight: 'Business, administration and law', 'Education', 'Social sciences', 'Journalism and documentation', 'Engineering, industry and construction', ' Services', 'Arts and humanities', 'Informatics' and 'Health and social services'. Of all these areas, La Salle-URL offers studies in engineering, architecture, computer science, philosophy and health engineering.

In the case of the field of 'Business, administration and law', studies in administration and business, advertising and public relations, marketing, law, management and public administration are taken into account. La Salle-URL teaches undergraduate, postgraduate and master's degrees in administration and business, marketing and management. The U-Ranking is an initiative of the BBVA Foundation and the Valencian Institute of Economic Research (IVIE).

La Salle-URL Business & Management studies, highlighted in international rankings

Recently, URL was considered the best university in Spain and 17th in the world in Business and Management by the prestigious QS World University Ranking by Subject 2023. Through FICEDLS, La Salle-URL is one of the three centers of Universidad Ramon Llull who teaches studies in this area, which now also appears in a privileged position in the U-Ranking job placement ranking. In addition, the Master of Science in Project Management was considered at the beginning of the academic year one of the best postgraduate programs in the world, according to the QS Business Masters Ranking 2023.

FICEDLS renewed its deanship at the beginning of the 2022-2023 academic year: Dr. Christopher Kennett took over from Dr. Francesc Miralles, a key figure in the creation of the Faculty. The Faculty has established itself as a benchmark business school due to its technological base. Dr. Kennett, in an interview on the La Salle-URL website, explains the differential features of FICEDLS and the campus knowledge ecosystem.