31 May 2018

The students of the Degree in Management of Business & Technology win the third award for the best video of the NMUN

In its 14th participation of the greatest simulation of the United Nations around the world, the students of La Salle Campus Barcelona have won the Honorable Mention Delegation Award representing the Maldives and the third award of the video contest, where they show all their experience in less than five minutes.

Once again, the students of the Degree in Management of Business and Technology of La Salle Campus Barcelona have participated in the largest simulation of the United Nations around the world, the National Model of the United Nations (NMUN) 2018 in New York. This year, the students represented the Republic of the Maldives and their work has been rewarded with two awards.

During the event, more than 5,000 young people around the world discussed proposals and initiatives related to their economy, the environment, society, human rights, among others, while they acquired leadership skills, consensus building and confidence to work in an international environment. The delegation of La Salle-URL received the Honorable Mention Delegation Award for its good defense of the country's position, its participation in the committee and the appropriate use of the rules of procedure to facilitate the effective functioning of the committee and the debate.

On the other hand, the students of La Salle-URL also received the third award of the NMUN-NY project video competition. In less than five minutes, the students showed the activities carried out before, during and after the NMUN conference in New York, including preparations, team meetings, participation in committee sessions, tourist visits to New York, etc.

Since 2005, more than one hundred La Salle-URL students have participated in this world competition, achieving up to four times the award for the best video.

2018 NMUN•NY Video Contest Honorable Mention - La Salle Universitat Ramon Llull