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Degree in Management of Business and Technology

Internationality, technology, innovation, creativity, entrepreneurship, values, and both people and team management are the keys to define this degree. Includes international stages.

IT Software for Business

Understanding the IT infrastructure of a business and the role of software as a key player in the transactional, operational, tactical and strategic activities of a company is a must for all employees inside an organization. Nowadays, any business from each industry and segment owns an IT software structure that has a direct or indirect impact on the performance of the company. Being able to understand and use that structure and tools and take full advantage of them is what really makes the difference and differentiate one business from another, bringing our department, our team and our individual contribution to the maximum level. Therefore, having an IT background for understanding which tools can be used for every particular situation is a key ingredient in the career development path of all professionals, especially in the management area. These foundations will allow the individual contributor to find a way to deeply analyze and process information, understand which is the proper way its storage and identify which is the best approach for communicating it. This course is designed to increase your awareness of the key role of IT software inside a business and to help you to fully understand which are the basic tools, how to maximize the output of their usage, which is their contribution to the company day-to-day activities and how being aware of all these fundamentals can boost your career development.
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Primer - Obligatoria

Titular Professors

Previous Knowledge

1. To understand why IT Software for Business is a key player inside organizations.
2. To know which are the tools available for each specific task and how to use them.
3. To understand how to properly analyze, store, process and present information.
4. To integrate the value-added proposal of IT Software in any given scenario.
5. To identify which is the best way of using the IT Software structure inside a business.
6. To improve your individual and team performance with this knowledge.
7. To be aware of the latest IT Software trends and its contribution to the company.


Content blocks/modules are the following:
- Block 1: Management
- Block 2: Analysis
- Block 3: Development
- Block 4: Communication

By the end of this course, students should be able to have achieved the objectives established for this course and have developed the following competencies :
- Basic theoretical & practical knowledge of the subject.
- Capacity of Analysis and Synthesis.
- Capacity of Integrate theoretical knowledge in practical activities.
- Capacity of Planning, Organization and Decision-Making.
- Design and Development of creative solutions to real problems.
- Development of presentation skills.
- Development of Data collection, processing and analysis skills.
- Development of Information management & search skills.
- Development of IT and IT Management skills.
- Development of Team Management skills.
- Development of Text processing skills.
- Development of Web design, creation, analytics and positioning skills.
- Team working.
- Understand IT value proposals for the business.


The learning experience is based on a variety of theoretical and practical concepts related to IT software fundamentals and tools, which will be trained on a weekly basis performing individual checkpoints (weekly challenges and tests). In parallel, the student will have to work in teams to perform a project during the semester that will have to integrate all the knowledge that each session will introduce. Last but not least, there will be an exam to cover the ability of the student with data processing using Microsoft Excel. The idea is to perform dynamic sessions that can help the student to feel comfortable with the IT software for business, so that this barrier or weakness becomes a strength in his/her professional future.
We believe in individual work as a way to interiorize fundamentals and we believe in team working as a way to put these concepts in practice. Combining both is what leads the way to a proper evaluation and learning process.


The Course grade will be based on the following point breakdown:
40% Weekly challenges: 10 challenges to be submitted weekly. Deadlines on Sundays.
25% Midterm Exam: Data processing (Excel) only.
25% Team Project: Performed during the course and enclosing all the topics explained in class. Project will need to be presented in a session during the week of May 31st -June4th .
10% Weekly content pills. 11 mandatory readings that will be evaluated using tests in eStudy.

Evaluation Criteria
Basic Bibliography

Bibliography and readings will be detailed in each specific block/module, which will require specialized bibliography.

Additional Material