This subject is focused to master students. The main techniques belonging to the Business and Technology Department are introduced to the student in this subject by means of collaborations with real projects. This subject represents an ideal starting point for the final career work and also as preparation for entering the Department with a grant.
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Previous Knowledge

Individual evaluation of the student from both teacher and Department.


This subject seeks a first specialization of the student in one of the areas developed during their studies at the master. This specialization is carried out along with other research activities of the Department of Business and Technologies.


They depend on the knowledge area where the student is focused; however, the content is always attached to the subjects belonging to the Business and Technology Department.


It is based on the personal work of the student, always supervised by his professor. He works with a professor responsible for the specialization to clarify doubts and channel the work. He is assigned by the Business and Technology department. These projects used to be included in big projects and so the student must work with other students in group. All this process is organized by:

1. Personalized tuition. Meeting with the professor responsible for the specialization to clarify doubts and channel the work.
2. Personal work.
3. Project coordination with other projects.
4. Seminars related to the specialization area in order to improve his knowledge.


The avaluation considers:

- The avaluation considers the work done (D,G,F).
- This work has practical developments with computers (G).
- They write reports with the work results and technical documents (D,F).
- There is algo important the work in group (F) in order to coordinate all the projects.

Evaluation Criteria

1. Emphasizing the analysis of specific issues to solve the system dessign. (D,F)
2. Organizing, structuring and planning information adequately in order to solve the problem. (D,F)
3. Research the information required. (D,F)
4. Taking decisions of implementation. (G)
5. Working in a team. (F,G)
6. Putting the knowledge received throughout the studies. (D,F,G)
7. Learning to generate technical reports, papers and documentation. (D,F)

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