24 February 2022

SAP professional profiles, more innovative and sustainable to respond to market needs

In a meeting held at the La Salle-URL Campus, trainers and companies reflect on the present and future of consultants and experts in this business management software

SAP consultants will have to retrain and continue training to consolidate their position in the labor market. In addition, they will be more innovative, based on the Cloud model, and will respond more effectively to the present and future needs and challenges of society, such as sustainability. "It is a priority and urgent to be creative and innovate, promote sustainability to our clients as one of the pillars for transformation, and refocus projects based on the economy of this sustainability", explained Miquel Armengol, head of Strategic Alliance at SAP Spain.

Armengol is one of the speakers who participated in the 'Conference on Training and Employment for SAP professional profiles' organized by La Salle-URL, a leading university center in SAP consulting training. Faced with the need to attract young talent with training in this leading business management software, La Salle-URL, through the professor and expert Vicenç Jiménez, explained that it is important to bring knowledge of the software to the new generations. In this sense, Rafael Anguieta, from DXC Technology, stressed the importance of “making SAP more attractive to young people”.

Companies are finding it difficult to find expert profiles in SAP and are committed to recycling their consultants. "Experienced consultants need training in SAP's strategy and new products," said Daniel Moreno, Seidor's internal training manager. Along the same lines, Miquel Barnés, from IBM Consulting, explained that "the new SAP functionalities will be difficult to cover with current professional profiles" and that "the transformation requires new profiles", which could be professionals who want to make a change. For her part, Sandra Isart, a member of the SAP Spain Users Association (AUSAPE), emphasized "the importance of the transition in migration, making the classic consultant and the new one, knowledgeable about SAP S/4HANA, coexist".