The Wireless Communications research focus on wireless communications, with a particular emphasis on two key areas:

  1. Antenna Booster Technology: Pioneering research in Antenna Technology for Wireless Devices, aiming to unlock the potential of Antenna Booster Technology in creating advanced architectures for Multiband/Multi-Radio Performance. This includes harnessing the capabilities of Organic Materials for environmentally sustainable communications and innovation through Intelligent Ground Planes.

  2. Electromagnetic Propagation in Harsh Environments: Exploring High-Frequency (HF) radiocommunications as an alternative to satellite communication. This approach holds promise for applications in remote areas or extensive sensor networks (WDS). A pivotal technology for this strategy involves Near Vertical Incidence Skywaves (NVIS) and the development of high-speed NVIS communications. This includes employing multi-input multi-output techniques and multi-carrier modulations.


Jaume Anguera Pros