Comprendre is a scientific review which publishes two issues a year. It is opened to contributions on the classic fields of philosophy: metaphysics, epistemology, logical, ethics, philosophy of science, anthropology, history of philosophy, philosophy of religions, aesthetics, etc. It is addressed to an academic audience interested in the current philosophical and humanistic debates.

Comprendre accepts three types of contributions: articles, critical notes and short reviews. Only original manuscripts not published previously and written in Catalan or in the main European languages (English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese and Italian) will be considered for publication. Book reviews will be written only in Catalan.

Contributions will be submitted electronically ( in a Word format file. Articles should not exceed 9000 words (including notes and bibliography). Critical notes should not exceed 6000 words. Short reviews will oscillate between 1500 and 2500 words.

Type of letter: Times New Roman, body 12, space 1,5.

  • The title, an abstract (120 words max.), and five key words in both the original language and English must be added at the beginning of the contributions.
  • Citations in footnotes will be numbered continuously. Bibliographical references should be placed in a final Work Citations section, always in alphabetical order by authors.

The next guidelines are mandatory to be followed in all the citations, as well in the final Work Citations section:

  • Type of letter: Times New Roman, body 10, space 1.
  • a) For Books:
    Full Author’s name SURNAME (small capital), Títle (italics). Place of edition: Publisher, year
    Example: Simone WEIL, Waiting for God. Translated by G. Craufurd. New York: Harper Perennial, 2009
  • b) For Articles:
    Full Author's name SURNAME (small capital), “Títle of the article”. Name of the periodical pubblication (italics) [Place of edition], 000 (number), 0000 (year), pp. 00-00.
    Example: Carles LLINÁS, “Gerhard Krüger: Einsicht und Leidenschaft (Intel·ligència i passió). Una entrada “platònica” en el pensament del segle XX”. Comprendre. Revista catalana de filosofia [Barcelona], IX/1-2, 2007, pp. 159-189.

Personal and Academic affiliation should be included in a cover sheet, containing an operative electronic address as well as number ORCID.

A letter of adhesion to the code of publication ethics should be added. The Editorial Board also commits itself to follow it. Authors may save a template for Articles and for Critical Reviews at the web of the journal (Contributor's form).

Contributions will be submitted to an external blind review process. The right of publication is reserved to the Editorial Board. The author will receive a response in six months. The acceptance or the refusal will be reasoned.

Guidelines for evaluators: before being recommended to be published or not, or even to be modified, the articles will be evaluated according to the following items: originality, academic rigueur and methodology, bibliography and correct style.