Research Fridays - Tectonics for non-extractive architecture

Friday, 24 March, 2023 - 13:30
Medialab, La Salle Campus Barcelona - C/Sant Joan de La Salle, 42

The field of research at the School of Architecture La Salle (ETSALS) will be inscribed in the holistic vision of the three axes of knowledge and the attributes on which the new stage of the school focuses, as well as the vision of La Salle I+D, proposing itself as a logical and evolutionary consequence of the training cycles. The architectural project and the construction are in continuous adaptation to the context in which they operate, so their methods and principles are expanded to face challenges such as climate change, technological disruptions, economic collapses and demographic movements, among other important challenges. global.

One of the main challenges is that architecture is not supported solely by the use of materials that produce negative impacts on other environments, such as the destruction of the natural landscape and the discomfort of people. The first investigation of Architectural Logics for Emergent Contexts (ALEC), under the title of Tectonics for non extractive architecture, proposes to investigate materials that regenerate the ecosystem, mainly with wood from Mediterranean and temperate forests (95% of the surface of the Mediterranean forests of Catalonia are abandoned), and propose new construction and spatial systems based on this wood from the nearby territory. The research will be transferred to society, to scientifically demonstrate that it can be built with wood while regenerating forests.

This will be the sixth session of the 22-23 academic year of the information cycle 'Research Fridays', a series of conferences that explores issues about university research and how this knowledge is transferred to society, always linking with one of our own fields of research and knowledge of La Salle-URL.

Session programme:

  1. Josep Ferrando, Director of ETSALS, and Jordi Mansilla, professor at ETSALS, present the objectives of the research at the La Salle-URL School of Architecture aligned with the new school model.
  2. Ricardo Devesa, coordinator of the Master's Degree in Integrated Design of Architecture and professor at ETSALS, presents the orientation, logic and general research plan.
  3. Francisco Cifuentes, professor at ETSALS, presents the specific framework around the Tectonic logic focused on wood.
  4. Marta Bugés, professor at ETSALS, presents de June seminar.