The requirements for admission to university Master’s programmes are regulated by Royal Decree 1393/2007 (and its modification via Royal Decree 861/2010). Candidates must meet one of the following requirements to be admitted:

  • They should hold an official Spanish university Bachelor’s degree.
  • Hold an official EHEA-member country Bachelor’s degree entitling them to pursue a Master’s degree.
  • For candidates from countries not belonging to the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) and not specifically requiring that they be officially recognised, the university shall verify that the original degree accredits the equivalent training to that provided by the corresponding official Spanish Bachelor’s degree and that said original degree entitles students to take part in Master’s programmes.

In no case shall admissions to a Master’s programme imply any change to the candidates’ academic or professional status corresponding to their previous studies. Similarly, admissions to a Master’s programme shall not constitute formal recognition of students’ prior degrees other than to enable them to take part in said programmes.