14 September 2023

QS Stars recognizes the university excellence of La Salle-URL by granting it 4 stars

Several programs also receive stars: the Master of Science in Project Management, the degress in Computer Engineering, in Management of Business and Technology, in Digital Business, Design and Innovation and the masters in Data Science and Big Data

​La Salle-URL has been recognized by QS Stars Rating with 4 stars, the second highest score awarded by this prestigious university indicator. In addition, QS recognizes the excellence of several degree and master programs awarding them stars:

The recognition proves the university quality and competitiveness of La Salle Campus Barcelona, ​​while consolidating it as a center of international prestige. The 4 stars awarded to the institution by QS Stars Rating are also broken down into different subsections:

  • Online learning - 5 stars
  • Employability - 5 stars
  • Teaching - 4 stars
  • Internationalisation - 4 stars
  • Inclusiveness - 3 stars

These results reinforce the international character of La Salle-URL, which has students of more than 90 nationalities. Furthermore, they demonstrate the campus firm commitment to innovation and entrepreneurship and the way in which the university works very closely with the main social actors, especially companies.

The Master of Science in Project Management, a leading program

The Master of Science in Project Management of La Salle-URL renews the 5 stars of the QS Stars Rating that it already had, the highest score awarded by this evaluation system. In this way, the program gains new recognition, since it was recently listed among the 150 best master's degrees in the world in the area of ​​Management by the QS Business Masters Ranking and the FSO Ranking placed it in the TOP-10 of the best online Spanish-speaking programs.

Likewise, the QS Stars Rating has awarded 3 stars the knowledge field of Computer Sciences and Information Systems, which includes the Degree in Computer Engineering and the Degree in International Computer Engineering; and the field of Business & Management, which includes the Master of Science in Big Data, the Master of Science in Data Science, the Degree in Management of Business and Technology and the Degree in Digital Business, Design and Innovation. All these programs are taugh by two of the centers of La Salle-URL: the School of Engineering (ETSELS); and the International Faculty of Commerce and Digital Economy (FICEDLS).

QS Higher Ed Summit: Americas 2023

The announcement of the recognition at La Salle-URL took place at the QS Higher Ed Summit: Americas 2023, a summit that brings together academic experts and university managers from around the world with the aim of promoting collaboration between universities and raising the higher education. The meeting, held on September 13 and 14 in Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic), addressed issues such as promoting global commitment, promoting student mobility and the role of university research. One of the guest speakers at the summit was Dr. Laurentiu Neamtu, researchers and professor at La Salle-URL.