After the student has assimilated the knowledge bases of traditional painting, during the first year, he will deepen in digital painting applying this knowledge to the realization of digital works, learning to use his own software and techniques for the development of digital painting. The main goal of this course is to offer, show and practice the digital painting tools that Photoshop offers, to get the most out of it as a painting tool, as well as a better understanding of how light works on objects and characters. Basic and advanced knowledge of color theory, pictorial composition and understanding of light will also be transmitted. The ultimate goal is to create a digital background / scene for a character previously created in the subjects of Digital Drawing and / or Digital Sculpture in the first semester.
Type Subject
Tercer - Obligatoria

Titular Professors

Previous Knowledge

The student knows and applies the bases of light color.
The student is aware of the methods of digital coloring and its most effective strategy in its representation.
The student knows the digital processes of painting
The student knows the bases of color composition.
The student is able to paint the human figure through his inventive and imaginary.
The student knows the basics of digital painting, color and composition.
The student is able to create landscapes and digital backgrounds.


1. Basic settings, tools / brushes and Adobe Photoshop workspace
2. Coloring vs painting
3. Color theory I. Monochromatic ranges, simple color ranges. Warm colors vs cool colors.
4. Theory of color II. Dialogues and rivalries. Complementary colors. Simple / compound harmonic ranges.
5. Lighting
6. Creation of digital background for our digital character


The subject will be developed through active and participatory teaching methodologies that help the student to assimilate the knowledge, competences and learning objectives of the subject. The cooperative work as well as the autonomous work will be promoted, strengthening the interrelation between student and teacher; as well as the interdisciplinarity that will give the opportunity to expand concepts between diverse matters.

Evaluation Criteria
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