PhD defense of the doctoral student Juan Augusto Nihoul

PhD tesis: Understanding resilience in collaborative projects
Wednesday, 21 February, 2024 - 12:00
Aula Magna
PhD Programmes

On the 21th of February, starting at  12:00p.m., the PhD student Juan Augusto Nihoul thesis defense will take place at  Aula Magna of La Salle Barcelona - Universitat Ramon Llull. Titled "Understanding resilience in collaborative projects", the thesis has been carried out under the direction of Dr. Francesc Miralles Torner and Dr. Laurentiu Neamtu. The doctoral student is part of the SmartSociety group.

Despite the growing interest of both private and public sectors in fostering innovation through collaboration, many these projects struggle to achieve their objectives concerning the triple constraint and / or stakeholder´s satisfaction. Bringing together actors from diverse knowledge fields, industries, and cultures offers a fertile ground for the development of innovative products, and technologies. However, this collaborative context also presents significant managerial challenges for project partners, due to the complexity, ambiguity, and uncertainty inherent in these projects. In this context, effectively managing disruptions arising from unforeseen threats becomes significant, as project´s failure becomes a likely outcome without proper response and adaptation to them.

The research's contribution is summarized through a framework that offers explanations into how a successful case (LOCUTIOS project) managed to overcome two instances of perturbations. The framework contributes to explain two different reaction patterns, characterised by different learning behaviours (adaptive or generative), governance approaches (complementarity or substitution), and role of equivocality (driver or barrier) to knowledge exploration. Achieving resilience does not follow a unique path; instead, there are (at least) two approaches distinguished by the learning behaviours of the organizations, namely generative and adaptive resilience that enable a project to overcome perturbations. The relevance of this research resides on explaining various forms of resilience within collaborative projects when confronted with unforeseen challenges, filling a gap in the literature.

The court is made up of the president, Dr. Stefan Klein; the secretary, Dra. Rosa Maria Alsina Pagès; and the member, Dr. Fernando Sanchez Henriquez.