Never has the world needed people ready to move on so much

People educated with values ​​and goals. People who contribute. Never before has the world needed such committed people like you!

That is why at La Salle-URL we want to help you continue your education and preparation, with Undergraduate Degrees, Master and Postgraduate and Specialization Courses.

During the last three months, we have virtualized almost 100% of the teaching programs and taught nearly 2,000 virtual classes.

But the new normality requires a new way of teaching and learning, adapted to a constantly changing situation that demands flexible learning, without having a single methodology or conditioned by the physical location of the students and their teachers.

For this reason, at La Salle Campus Barcelona we will be offering, from September, all our programs with a new educational model: La Salle-URL Smart Learning. A new personalized, flexible, intelligent and interactive educational model to guarantee a quality educational experience wherever you are and whatever your circumstance is.

We have transformed the programs, methodology, materials and services of the next academic year, which will also be different, to adapt them to this new educational model in our on-site and online programs.

We want to make it easy for you and always be with you.


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