Xavier Vilasís Cardona

Xavier Vilasís Cardona
Sant Jaume Hilari
C. Quatre Camins 30, 08022, Barcelona
Office of the Vice-Dean for the School of PhD Programmes
Data Science for the Digital Society
Department of Engineering
Research Group

Xavier Vilasis-Cardona is full professor at la Salle-URL and Vice-Dean for the Doctoral School.
He is head of the DS4DS (Data Science for the Digital Society Research Group), member of the LHCb collaboration and member of the IEEE Cellular Neural Networks and Array Computing Technical Committee. He has directed 8 PhD thesis, 10 competitively funded research projects, published more that 300 journal papers and contributed to more than 50 conferences.
He is coordinator of the PhD Program at La Salle-URL. He has taught subjects in Advanced Math, Probability, Numerical Analysis, Calculus, Physics, Optical Communications, Neural Networks, Control Theory, Data Analysis and Advanced Statistics.
He has a Physics Degree from U. de Barcelona (1989) and a PhD in Physics from U. de Barcelona (1993). He is also PDG (Programa de Dirección General) from IESE (2016) . He has been FPI fellow from the Ministerio de Educacion y Ciencia (1990-1993), assistant professor at Universitat de Barcelona (1994), analyst at Aplicaciones en Informatica Avanzada (1994-1996) and from 1996 on he is at La Salle, URL. His research interests are Particle Physics, HEP, Data Science, Data Analysis, Neural Networks, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.