Pere Serra Bartoli

Pere Serra Bartoli
Department of Management and Technology

Higher studies in Biology at the Universitat Autònoma of Barcelona. Degree.
Owner-founder of the company Ganimedes Consulting, specialized in advice in international trade and training for companies.
Lecturer in various Foreign Trade courses organized by Chambers of Commerce, Sectoral Associations (FIE, FECEA, CECOT).
Professor at La Salle (from 2001 to the present) teaching the subjects of International Means of Payment and International Finance in various master´s degrees.
Professor at the Barcelona School of Management (Pompeu Fabra University) teaching the subject of International Business in several master´s degrees.
Profit Training Course for Executives and Chiefs of Exporting Companies organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Algiers (Algeria).
Lecturer in the course Administrative and Financial Management of International Trade organized by the Catalan Employment Service
Seminar d´Introduction a l´Exportation organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Algiers (Algeria).
Teacher of Dual FP training courses sponsored by Bankia and taught by ADITIO for high schools in Granollers, Vic, Gijón, León (online) and Barcelona (online).