Pere Quintana Seguí

Pere Quintana Seguí
C. Quatre Camins 30, 08022, Barcelona
Research Committee

With a degree in Physics from the University of Barcelona (2004), a master´s degree in "Ocean, Atmosphere and Continental Surfaces" from the Université Paul Sabatier in Toulouse (2005) and a doctorate in the same speciality and university in 2008, Pere Quintana carried out his thesis at the National Centre for Meteorological Research (Météo-France, CNRS, France) under the direction of Florence Habets and Eric Martin. He currently leads the line of research in Physical Hydrology, Meteorology and Climate at the Ebro Observatory (Universitat Ramon Llull). At an international level, he was a member of the GLASS panel of GEWEX and is coordinator of the scientific team on droughts and water resources of the HyMeX programme. At a national level, he is a member of the Grup d´Experts en Canvi Climàtic de Catalunya (GECCC) and of the Institut Menorquí d´Estudis.

Quintana has specialized in large-scale hydrological simulation using distributed physical models (LSMs). He has worked on improving the physics of the ISBA natural soil scheme (SURFEX), on improving the calibration methodology of the French SAFRAN-ISBA-MODCOU model, on the statistical downscaling of climate and seasonal forecasting models for hydrological applications, and on the study of the impacts of climate change on water