José María Masó Llinàs

José María Masó Llinàs
Department of Engineering

Josep M. Masó is actually a PhD student at La Salle URL where he has completed the M.S. and B.S. in Telecommunications Engineering.
Professor of hostile channels and communications at the Telecommunications Master. For four years he has been an R&D engineer at La Salle URL in a Spanish research project based on the development of advanced low power remote sensing telecommunications systems based on NVIS at Juan Carlos I Spanish Antarctic Base.
His topics of interest are multicarrier modulations and NVIS communications. As researcher Josep M. Masó has 6 articles, two conferences and a chapter in a book.


Up to now most of the sensors installed by the Spanish scientific community in Antarctica have been placed close to the stations, because...

After a first proof of concept in Livingston Island, the project aims to expand the use of communications in HF (3-30 MHz) by ionospheric...


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Antarctica - A Key To Global Change - 5 2018