Reflections and experiences of our students and experts on the impact and the future post COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected our lives. We are all going to change. Our way of relating. Of learning. To look to the future. And change will be positive. Because we will change to be better. To continue learning. To protect, defend and promote a new society.

At La Salle we believe that it is possible to transform the world through education. For this reason, our professors and researchers share their knowledge and experiences with students, professionals, companies and the rest of society from the fields of business, architecture, engineering and art and animation.

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Digital Coffees: Selection of some virtual meetings with experts from La Salle URL
One of the great gurus of risk management, The Risk Doctor, is the fifth guest at the ‘Digital Coffees’ sessions. David Hillson defends the profession, talking about the ability to manage risks not only as a business and professional skills, but also vital. In addition, he discusses the possible opportunities generated by the coronavirus pandemic.
E-commerce has managed to survive the pandemic, claiming that the future of the field is now present and basing its success on improving consumer awareness. Lluís Font and Santiago Sánchez, coordinator of the Master in eCommerce and the Postgraduate course in Digital Marketing at La Salle-URL, discuss about this in the fourth ‘Digital Coffee’ session.
The new business normal PostCOVID-19 is the subject on which Lluís Font debates in the third ‘Digital Coffee’ with Josep Miquel Piqué, director of Internationalization and Innovation at La Salle-URL and president of La Salle Technova. The ability to work in the cloud and the role of startups in times of crisis are two of the topics they discuss in their conversation.