16 January 2023

The La Salle-URL PhD program celebrates the Doctoral Week

For yet another year, La Salle-URL celebrates Doctoral Week in January, a meeting organized by the La Salle-URL PhD program which objective is training and knowledge transfer among all Architecture, Engineering, Management and Philosophy doctoral students from La Salle-URL, all of them members of one of the university's research groups: Human – Environment Research (HER) and Research on Smart Society (SmartSociety).

Each academic year, La Salle-URL holds two meetings with all doctoral students, this first in January and a second event in June. Both are structured from a transversal perspective, with the participation of researchers and doctoral students from all fields of knowledge on campus. During this week and the next one, sessions will be held to reflect on the writing of scientific articles and other topics of interest to doctoral students.

At the same time, the students of the La Salle-URL PhD program will make official presentations on the progress of their theses. They will do so in front of a specialized court that will assess what is exposed and make recommendations for improvement. These presentations are open to the public and can be followed in person or via streaming.


¡Quiero formarme!