07 June 2022

La Salle-URL, member of the governing body of the future technological hub of the Pyrenees

La Salle-URL is one of the entities that make up La Seu Tech City, the governance body of the future technology hub 'Pirineus Tech Mountain'. A total of 24 founding members and six collaborating entities, all actors in the triple helix (industry, government and university), make up the La Seu Tech City association, which was recently announced and which pursues the objective of launching the new hub during the second half of this year.

The 'Pirineus Tech Mountain' hub has been created thanks to the transfer of the successful model developed by the Innova Institute of La Salle-URL, which has already been implemented in different parts of the world based on the experience of La Salle Technova, the innovation park of La Salle-URL. This public-private initiative aspires to become the new economic and social engine of the Pyrenees through the development of new technologies applied to sectors such as tourism, leisure, culture, mountain sports, livestock and agriculture, with a clear commitment to protecting the environment and natural resources.

In addition, the hub has among its objectives the attraction and retention of talent, the promotion of the economy of La Seu d'Urgell and the Pyrenees, the improvement of connectivity, mobility and energy infrastructures in the area, the development of projects of entrepreneurship and technological pedagogy and the generation of shared value. The presentation ceremony was chaired by the Vice President of the Generalitat de Catalunya and Conseller of Digital Policies and Territory, Jordi Puigneró; the Minister of the Presidency, Economy and Business of the Government of Andorra, Jordi Gallardo; and the mayor of La Seu, Francesc Viaplana.

An initiative with the presence of industry, government and academia

This project exemplifies how the intersection of the three helixes (industry, government and university) generates an environment conducive to innovation, which is one of the main focuses of La Salle-URL in its positioning as an entrepreneurial university. The director of Internationalization and Innovation at La Salle-URL and president of La Salle Technova, Dr. Josep M. Piqué, considers that "it is essential to encourage the promotion of joint initiatives between these three key players for the creation and development of the innovation ecosystem.” In addition, he explains that "the new hub proves that the triple helix is ​​more relevant than ever."

In this sense, Dr. Piqué himself was recently appointed president of the Triple Helix Association (THA), the international non-governmental and non-profit organization that works to promote good interaction between academia, industry and government for the promotion of technological innovation and economic growth. Between June 27 and 29, Dr. Piqué will chair the 20th THA Conference in Florence (Italy), which will reflect on the co-creation of knowledge and collaboration mechanisms between the actors that make up innovation ecosystems with the aim to build new sustainable paths and to develop the welfare of society.