27 September 2022

La Salle-URL launches the Master in Management of Cybersecurity in a context of promoting companies in their security systems

The program wants to train company security leaders capable of understanding corporate governance

Once the urgency of establishing surveillance measures for digitization processes has been overcome, companies are now beginning a new stage on the road to maturity of their cybersecurity systems: establishing solid information security mechanisms and structures that allow them to achieve their business goals. In this context, La Salle Campus Barcelona launches the new Master in Management of Cybersecurity, a program that focuses on business management, data analysis and information security policies. "We want to train new leaders in information security departments, people who can understand the governance of the corporation," explains Genís Margarit, coordinator of the master's degree and founding member of the Spanish Professional Privacy Association.

The program responds to the growing market demand for professionals who can lead teams of cybersecurity experts and have a global strategic vision of the company. The consulting firm Deloitte, in its publication The State of Cybersecurity in Spain, indicates that 94% of Spanish companies suffered at least one serious cybersecurity incident in 2021. For this reason, and as indicated in the annual report by the consulting firm PwC, 70% of Spanish companies have already increased their cybersecurity budget. In any case, the challenges are continuous for digital companies and new threats, which appear constantly, demonstrate the need to expand and sophisticate information security models. The professionals who are trained in the Master in Cybersecurity Management will fill this gap and will be able to promote a transversal vision of computer security as CISO (Chief Information Security Officer).

An innovative master with a reference teaching team

La Salle Campus Barcelona is a university center that combines technology and humanism and has an ecosystem in which research, academia, companies, startups, administration and other social agents dialogue. In this framework of constant dialogue, and always at the service of a fairer and more sustainable society, the Master in Management of Cybersecurity demonstrates the constant educational innovation of La Salle-URL, which is very close to the business sector to meet the needs of the market. The program is taught in blended learning mode and through La Salle-URL's own active methodologies, working with real cases and transversal projects with students from other master's degrees.

The master's completes La Salle-URL's portfolio in the area, of which the more technical Master's in Cybersecurity has been a part for 20 years. "The profile of the student of our new Master in Management of Cybersecurity is that of professionals who want to promote information security policies, procedures and regulations in companies and who can, at an operational level, be decisive", explains Margarit. The blended modality allows students to combine studies with their professional activity and the methodology, based on real practical cases and small group seminars, favors the personalized accompaniment of a faculty of experts and leaders in the sector. The first edition of the master will begin in March 2023.