24 October 2022

La Salle-URL and Avanade sign an agreement to promote technological talent and digital innovation

The agreement, signed in person and in the metaverse, outlines how the two organizations will collaborate on academics, knowledge transfer, research and student mentoring.

​La Salle Campus Barcelona-URL, a university center of international prestige with seven areas of knowledge, and Avanade, a leading provider of Microsoft solutions, have signed an agreement to formalize their cooperation in promoting technological talent and digital innovation. The collaboration focuses on engineering and applied technology with a specific focus on cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, and the metaverse.

The agreement was signed this Thursday, October 20, by Josep M. Santos, general director of La Salle-URL, and Silvia Vidal, General Manager for Spain and Portugal of Avanade, twice: physically at the Avanade offices in Barcelona and in the metaverse with the avatars of the two representatives, as a demonstration of the future possibilities that the agreement can open up in research and digital innovation.

"This agreement consolidates our relationship with Avanade and encourages us to work to ensure that digital innovation is one of the pillars for the development of a fairer and more sustainable society", explained Josep M. Santos, General Manager of La Salle-URL. Silvia Vidal, General Manager for Spain and Portugal at Avanade has declared: “At Avanade we are very proud to work to promote innovation in all areas within La Salle-URL, bringing the needs of companies and their challenges closer to the university. We do what is necessary to offer young people access to opportunities to develop crucial technological skills that help them meet the business challenges of the future.”

With this agreement, La Salle-URL and Avanade will collaborate in academic aspects, knowledge transfer, research and student tutoring. Avanade will capture the talent of La Salle-URL students through work and internship opportunities, giving them real challenges to focus on for their final bachelor's and master's projects. In addition, Avanade experts will give sessions and conferences organized by the university and will be one of the companies involved in the next three editions of Talent Week, the La Salle-URL employability fair, which brings together nearly 50 companies each year with more than a thousand students.