The aim of this course is to provide the basic conversational skills in English, Spanish, Chinese or German to interact in general social and business situations. Emphasis will be placed on practical interactive exercises that can be used in real life situations. Spanish is available to all students. English, Chinese and German are currently available only to La Salle degree students. English courses may also be preparation classes for FCE or CAE.
Type Subject
Primer - Obligatoria
Previous Knowledge

Upon completion of this course the students should be able:

To speak and understand at a basic level in Spanish, Chinese or German.

To understand the basic grammatical forms in Spanish, Chinese or German.

To have a basic listening and reading comprehension in Spanish, Chinese or German.

In the case of English, upon completion of Foreign Language II, the student should be prepared to take the FCE or CAE.


The following language skills will be covered for English, Spanish, Chinese and German:

Oral Communication

Listening Comprehension

Vocabulary Development

Reading Comprehension

Use of Grammar

Cultural Awareness

In addition, for those students studying English, there will be a focus on First Certificate of English (FCE) and/or Certificate of Advanced English (CAE) exam preparation


Oral Practice, Listening, and Grammar exercises

Writing, Reading and interactive exercises

Individual Presentations



Evaluation System:

30% of your final grade will be based on Quality class participation. Quality participation being defined as active in-class participation, quizzes, delivering scheduled presentations, homework completion and MOOC completion all on time.

40% of your final grade will be based on the Mid-term exam.

30% of your final grade will be based on the Final exam.

Evaluation Criteria
Basic Bibliography

A variety of language books will be required depending on the language studied.

For example for Intermediate English:

Cappel, Annette, Sharp, Wendy, Objective First Student's Pack, Fourth Edition, Cambridge University Press, 2014, ISBN-13: 978-1107628564.

Educational Testing Service (2013) Official TOEFL IBT Tests, ISBN-13: 978-0071771269.

Additional Material