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Urban planning management

The subject deals with urban legislation and the drafting of planning tools.
Type Subject
Tercer - Obligatoria

Titular Professors

Previous Knowledge

The knowledge that it is assumed the student has acquired in order to take on
a course which corresponds to an intermediate level of architectural planning.


The objective of the course is for the students to learn about urban planning by drafting the necessary planning instruments

Students who complete the Urban Management course acquire the knowledge and develop the skills listed below:

1. To learn about the types of construction planning and their regulations.
2. To design urban plans in coherence with historically considered surroundings.
3. To draw up planning tools according to the documentation legally required.


Basic types of planning and their regulation.
Municipal urban planning. Content.
Planning development. Partial plans, special urban plans, plans of urban improvement and detailed studies.
Documented content of development plans.
Planning Management.
Evaluation of the costs of the development of the plans.


The subject is taught with theory classes prior to practical work, which is partly carried out and corrected in workshops in class time.

Capacity to put the knowledge learnt into practice.


A. Exams.
F. Groupwork.

Evaluation Criteria

- The student must demonstrate her/his knowledge of the different types of land, the zoning of the terroritory and its urban regulation. [A]
Objetive 2:
- The student has to show her/his knowledge of volumetric planning adapted to the given environment and the appropriate urban development regulations. [F]
Objective 3:
- The student has to demonstrate her/his knowledge on the drafting o fan urban development plan. [F]

Basic Bibliography

National land legislation.
Regional land legislation.

Additional Material

Legislation on civil and administrative law.
Esteban i Noguera, Juli. `L´ordenació urbanística; conceptes, eines i pràctiques´. Barcelona: Institut d´Edicions de la Diputació de Barcelona, 2001.