Mobile businesses and apps are growing and have become an important part of most companies’ marketing and communication strategies. What is a major investment for these companies needs to be accompanied by managers who understand the basic elements of the mobile ecosystem and have the mobile product management skills to ensure apps are successfully planned, produced, developed and published. With more than a million apps in each of the main app markets, and hundreds being launched every day, this Mobile Apps Management course helps students to identify, understand and apply the business, technical, marketing and distribution concepts that make the difference between success and failure: either being featured in the top downloads and sales rankings of Google Play and the App Store or getting few or even, no downloads at all. Through a series of classes and workshops, with many examples and practical considerations students will examine the management of an app from its inception to the moment it gets published in an app store and is marketed to potential users in an ever-changing environment, with new devices and technologies that are allowing new and disruptive business models.
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This course seeks to assist you in:

• Understanding the Mobile Apps ecosystem from a business and technology perspective
• Learning and identifying the business opportunities offered by the different technologies available in mobile devices
• Learning about project management methods for producing a mobile app
• Developing a mobile app with the use of professional tools.
• Learning about the publishing and distribution processes of a mobile app.
• Understanding the options for promoting an app
• Learning about the relevance of customer experience and user behaviour measurement from a business perspective

Learning Outcomes
On the completion of this course students will be able to:

• Understand the mobile apps market and the main players.
• Understand the main technologies present in a mobile device and their practical use
• Develop a simple mobile app with professional tools.
• Publish and market a mobile app in Google Play and the App Store.
• Understand how to promote and measure and the success of the app


Below you can find the main topics that will be covered:

Mobile Ecosystem
• Mobile Market Evolution
• Trends
• Devices and Operating Systems

Mobile as a Channel
• Customer Journey
• Omnichannel
• Why a Mobile App

Business Models
• Mobile market
• Business Strategies
• Key points for a success

Technologies supporting business models

Mobile Project Management – Agile
• Project Management Methods
• Scrum

Introduction to Mobile App Development

Your first app

Adding interactivity

Online Shop. Develop our own advanced MobinQube plugins.

Mobile App Development Cycle

Mobile App Markets

App Security and Data Privacy

Promoting your app
• Advertising
• App Store optimization
• User acquisition

User behaviour and customer experience
• Analytics
• VoC
• Ratings
• Customer Experience Modeling

Mobile App management models
• Traditional
• Lean Startup
• Marketing Plan


As Mobile technologies and apps are shaping the world we live in, the learning experience is based on teaching methods that encourage student participation and discussions.

Classes will concentrate on the main Mobile App Management topics while readings and case studies may require outside class time as well as in-class discussions. We will also draw on a vast array of multimedia sources such as videos, podcasts and blogs to supplement written material.


The course grade will be based on the following point breakdown:

• Attendance :10%
• Participation: 10%
• Development of app: 40%
• Business considerations of app: BM Canvas, Marketing and distribution plans: 40%

Evaluation Criteria
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