06 June 2023

The evolution of architecture and construction: logics in continuous adaptation to emerging contexts

La Salle-URL organizes a seminar with experts from around the world to reflect on architecture as a discipline that adapts to the environment and the moment

The architecture is in continuous adaptation to adjust to the context in which it operates, to respond and face global challenges such as climate change, technological disruptions, economic or geopolitical collapses and demographic movements, among others. The discipline is not an isolated area of ​​knowledge, but rather something that mutates and evolves, that addresses changing and emerging contexts in order to seek a more just and sustainable society.

La Salle-URL's Architectural Logics for Emerging Contexts (ALEC) line of research is organizing a seminar with prestigious experts in the field to reflect on the new architectural logics that work to respond to these global challenges and, specifically, on tectonics, which Its objective is to promote a non-extractive architecture that does not produce externalities in its environment.

Timber as a construction material to promote sustainability

The seminar will focus on wood as a construction material, claiming that good management of forest spaces would allow —in addition to protecting them and avoiding fire risks— to provide the industry with natural, efficient, local and sustainable materials. In fact, the activation of the production process with wood would contribute to promoting six of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the United Nations (UN).

ALEC advocates for wood production that is respectful of the environment, self-sufficient, eco-social and with added value at a cultural level. In this sense, the researchers that are part of the research line will work from five axes:

  1. Responsible management of forests.
  2. Reactivation of the local pine wood industry.
  3. Design and production with sustainable materials.
  4. Research and recovery of traditional and local techniques.
  5. Ensure the transfer of the cultural legacy of the community.

Based on these lines, the researchers from La Salle-URL and members of ALEC propose an extraction of local material that does not produce externalities and that cares for the ecosystems, inhabitants and resources of the territories.

The seminar: 'Tectonics for Non-extractive Architecture'

From a theoretical and practical approach, and with the participation of academia, the public sector and industry, the seminar 'Tectonics for Non-extrative Architecture' will reflect on tectonics, the wood industry and new architectural logics. All the members of ALEC of La Salle-URL —Josep Ferrando, Jordi Mansilla, Ricardo Devesa, Francisco Cifuentes and Marta Bugés— and great leaders of the discipline, such as the architects Margarita Jover and Steve Webb, will participate. The seminar will take place on June 15, between 9 am and 7 pm, in the Auditorium of the School of Building Engineering of La Salle-URL.