20 October 2016

Eight schools of La Salle participate in a pioneering project of the School of Architecture of the Salle-URL

Eight Lasallian schools participate in a pioneering educational project of the School of Architecture of La Salle-URL to incorporate concepts of architecture and urbanism in elementary and high school.

The project is part of the preliminaries of Congress of Architecture in Barcelona held in the city between November 21-25 organized by the Official College of Architects of Catalonia (COAC).

La Salle Campus Barcelona-URL has driven this pioneering educational project involving eight schools of La Salle (La Salle Barceloneta, Bonanova, Gràcia, Congrés, Horta, Comtal, Premia de Mar and Montcada) to promote the inclusion of different concepts related to architecture and urbanism in elementary and high school.

Students of all levels from the eight schools will participate in workshops, taught by students of the School of Architecture at La Salle-URL and coordinated by architect Narciso Fuentes.

Issues presented will be on current debates in urban agendas: nature within the city, energy infrastructures, public space, social integration, private and public transport, agricultural production, equipment, management waste, smart cities or housing model, density and economic activities.

This discussion will be materialized in a small model of the ideal city (50×50 cm), which will collect the reflections of students. In the approach of each session the elements and urban issues within specific and actual La Salle school’s environments will be taken into account.

Finally all fragments of the model of the ideal “city” will be exhibited in different emblematic spots of Barcelona and at the headquarters of the College of Architects of Catalonia.

The proliferation of neighborhood consultative processes, collective definition of urban agendas, responsible housing procurement (the most important act of consumption a person does in his lifetime) or response to climate change, will inevitably go through a deep change of habits.

The school is the right time to start ensuring this paradigm and the organization of the Congress of Architecture wants to involve educational communities in achieving these common goals.

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