At La Salle URL we are aware of the current technological change and the new needs present in society. After the pandemic, the technological revolution witnessed a very high growth, allowing the application of these new frameworks in sectors such as health and medicine.   

As a world reference in university education, at La Salle Campus Barcelona we are firmly committed to technology in all our programs, whether they are bachelor's, master's or specialization courses; offering the differential aspect that defines our innovative character.  

With the growing digital momentum, we propose a strong international, technological and practical vision oriented to business innovation and sectors such as health.   

We train professionals and future leaders in the sector, guiding them throughout the learning process through internships and real cases of high social impact.  

Advantages of studying at La Salle URL 

  1. Specializations to respond to the labor market (master's degree): We create specializations in various fields to respond to the most recent labor demands. 

  2. Collaboration with leading companies in different ICT sectors: At La Salle we have agreements with the main companies in the sector. This continuous interaction and close collaboration will allow you to develop real projects.   

  3. Specialized laboratories: We provide you with specialized laboratories, equipped with the latest technologies.  

  4. Personalized professional guidance: We accompany you throughout your experience at La Salle Campus Barcelona through coaching services and personalized tutoring.  

  5. Learn from the best: High-level, active professors. 93% of our faculty is active, working in the sectors in which they teach, and in high-level international and national companies and studios.  

  6. Job opportunities: We manage 4,500 job opportunities and 700 internship agreements every year through our job center.  

  7. Develop your own projects: You will be able to develop your own projects, because our approach is totally practical and in contact with real companies and challenges. 

  8. Prepare yourself for high employability: we prepare the new generation of students to develop in the working world. You will be able to participate in research projects in areas such as IoTICAT (Internet of Things Institute of Catalunya).  

  9. Knowledge areas: La Salle URL has different areas of knowledge in which you can specialize (Business, engineering, architecture, arts...) In addition, we promote transversality and knowledge transfer throughout the campus.