At La Salle Campus Barcelona we want to honor our students in the area of Art, Animation and VFX, so we organized La Salle Art & Animation Fest. A day in which around 400 animators and digital artists gather to enjoy the creations and projects of their peers. A day that shows the innovative will of our university, betting on the transversality in different areas of knowledge.   

The Art & Animation Fest recognizes and puts the focus on the work done during the course by students of the Degree in Animation and VFX, and the Degree in Digital Arts. Students who, with the basics in art, 3D animation and special effects present their projects on a very special day.  

The event is held annually at the Theater of La Salle Bonanova, and features workshops by experts in animation, digital arts and Vfx, interviews and masterclasses. A day designed for art and animation lovers to connect with industry experts and enjoy the event. The Art & Animation Fest is the perfect opportunity to unwind in a networking environment with professionals in the art and animation sector.  

During the fest, students from both Art & Animation and Digital Arts degrees present their projects in the area worked on. Traditional art, digital art, 3D sculpture, animation, 3D characters... are some of the ideas and categories reflected in the works.   

The Art & Animation Fest editions count on collaborators and sponsors that make the event an even more special day. With strong companies dedicated to animation, art and visual effects such as HP, Wacom or Skydance, awards are designed for the best projects chosen by the teachers of La Salle URL

La Salle Art & Animation Fest, besides being a special event for students of La Salle Campus Barcelona, both alumni and external people can attend, share knowledge, enjoy the projects, understand the issues and processes of the world of animation and digital art.   

An event designed to deepen the magic of the profession of art and animation and celebrate the end of the course with all the students of La Salle Campus Barcelona.   

Art & animation Fest 2022 

This year we have been able to celebrate the Art & Animation Fest together, in person on the university campus. After two years in remote and online format, we get together again to enjoy this special day. 

The day of this course once again had the projects designed by the students of La Salle URL. The students of the first promotion of the Degree in Digital Arts presented their projects in this year's event, making the event a unique day. The day revolved around the students and their projects. In addition, they were able to better understand the environment of animation and VFX visual effects and meet in a networking environment. 

La Salle Art & Animation Fest had Jama Jurabaev this year, concept artist, illustrator and art director in the film industry. The artist offered a talk in which he talked about his best projects and animations in the world of art and cinema. 

Below we show you the winning works of this last edition: 

Arts Digitals

Martina Pou wins Best traditional art piece.

Judith Siles, wins Best Digital art piece.

Adrián Ezcurra wins Best Proyect.

Alis Aguinaliu wins Best 3D sculpture.

Judith Tarrés premio al millor dibuix digital.

Corpus et Motus wins Best interactive installation.

Second dimension wins Best inmersive production.

El tren de Soroll wins Best Audiovisual Narrative.

Julia Gonzalez wins Best 3D character.

María Plana wins Best 3D sculpture.

Mística wins Best Proyect.

Animación y VFX

Paula Anglas wins Best 3D character.

Angie Hernandez wins Best Animation.

Misfortune wins Best Proyect.

TotoroGTX wins the award for Best Real Time.

Aitana Belda wins Best Animation.


Asier Lizaso wins the award for Best Lightning.

Yeray Sanchez wins Best Lightning award.


Bernardo Oliveira won the award for Best 3D Environment.


Jama Jurabaev is a well-known conceptual artist who focuses his work on professional art, illustrations and cinema. He has done various works for major film producers, and is currently working for the film and games industry in London, the UK, the UK and the UK.  

He has participated in high level movies such as Avengers, X-men or Guardians of the Galaxy among others. For the occasion, Jama talked about his work and experience in the world of animation, art and special effects; offering students a new perspective on the sector.  

jama jurabaev

Jama Jurabaev´s signature