15 November 2023

Digital, collaborative and responsible leaders: the executive education proposal of La Salle-URL

The inauguration of the Executive Education space, in the Santa Maria de l'Estrella building, proposes a leadership training experience with real impact

La Salle-URL reinforces its executive training offer for present and future leaders with the inauguration of the Executive Education space, which is located in the renovated Santa Maria de l'Estrella building on campus. Thus, La Salle-URL consolidates as a reference in training aimed at executives and companies, placing emphasis on promoting participatory, digital and responsible leadership.

“With the inauguration of our center dedicated to Executive Education we take another step to help companies and professionals develop committed and collaborative leadership, leadership that adapts to change, manages uncertainty and is responsible towards society and the environment,” explains Josep M. Santos, General Director of La Salle-URL. The new space is the spearhead of La Salle-URL's commitment to quality and flexible executive education for the new digital era, based on collaborative learning and critical thinking.

A sustainable and modern building that is the history of La Salle in Catalonia

​The smart classrooms are equipped with the latest technology and the building is built on sustainable principles: it is energy efficient, favors the entry of natural light and seeks a minimal impact on the carbon footprint, limiting the use of paper and plastic. “The architecture and interior design of the building adapt to the needs of the students, favoring collaborative and environmentally friendly learning environments,” says Marc Arnal, architect of the building and Academic Director of the La Salle-URL Architecture degrees.

The Santa Maria de l'Estrella building is one of the most historic spaces of La Salle in Catalonia, since it served as the headquarters of the services of the brothers of La Salle since 1971 and, therefore, connects the historical educational values ​​of the institution with digital and technological executive training of the present and future. The renovation of the space maintains part of the original structure of the construction, such as a stained glass window that runs longitudinally through the entire building, a piece of great artistic and symbolic value that is a form of praise to nature and respect for the three-centennial roots of the institution.

La Salle-URL identifies trends in training for companies

In this new training space, which is complemented by the entire knowledge ecosystem of the La Salle-URL campus, specialization courses, incompany courses for companies, international stays and corporate venturing programs will be taught. The training provided at the Executive Education center responds to the need of companies for customized programs for real projects and of executives to train based on new trends in leadership. The institutional inauguration of the renovated Santa Maria de l'Estrella building took place on November 2, 2023, and was attended by management and academic representatives of La Salle-URL, representatives of the Ramon Llull University ―among them the Rector, Josep Rom― and various members and brothers of La Salle. 

Open Day for professionals and companies

On November 14, a second opening day of the new Executive Education space was organized, an Open Day aimed at professionals and companies. The event served for two of the main recipients of the training offer that the building will host get to learn about the unique educational experience that La Salle-URL offers them, while they toured the classrooms and all the spaces. The Open Day featured three masterclasses on three of the topics on which some of the courses taught in the building are based:

  • Artificial intelligence in the company, with Martín Longobucco
  • Fintech, blockchain and decentralized finance, with Eloi Noya
  • Transformative leadership, with Esther Somoza