01 June 2017

A delegation from Korea's Busan Sasang industrial complex visits La Salle Technova in a technology transfer project

Between May 30 and June 1, a delegation from the Sasang Industrial Complex in Busan (Korea) visited La Salle Technova facilities within a joint international project for the transformation of the Korean complex as a District of Innovation.

Delegation of Sasang Industrial Complex of Busan (Korea)

La Salle Technova is leading the entire process of technology transfer based on their experience and of Barcelona as a city with 22 @. This project consolidates La Salle as a reference in the creation of innovative urban ecosystems where architecture, engineering (Internet of Things and Smart Cities) and innovation are valued.
The delegation visited Park Start Ups linked to industry 4.0 and city management, participated in a Workshop on proposals of 22 @ applied to the case of the SaSang Industrial Complex and have held work meetings to work In areas such as measures to install infrastructures such as car parks and parks, urban management based on IOT, the current situation of industry 4.0 in Barcelona and intelligent technology applied to the manufacturing sector.
During the visit, meetings with representatives of Casa Asia have also been held and a tour of the 22 @ and a meeting with some companies such as Indra and Ros Roca.