19 April 2023

The campus hosts the Urban Sound Symposium, one of the main meetings on acoustics

The third edition of the symposium reflects at La Salle Campus Barcelona on the latest developments, challenges and opportunities for urban sound

The campus of La Salle-URL hosts the Urban Sound Symposium (USS 2023), one of the main meetings on research and dissemination of acoustics and urban noise. In this third edition of the congress, which is held between April 19 and 21, more than 60 world experts in the field meet to reflect on current events and the challenges of urban sound. Each of the three days is dedicated to a specific topic:

  • Wednesday, April 19: Health and noise, social aspects of noise exposure and urban biodiversity
  • Thursday, April 20: Techniques and technologies
  • Friday, April 21: Noise policy and urban sound planning

The congress program includes a series of presentations by researchers and experts from around the world, as well as several discussion panels on issues of interest in the field. Among others, the aspects to be discussed during these sessions are the planning and design of urban sound, the propagation and control of urban sound, sound technologies, the analysis of the urban soundscape and sound art.

La Salle-URL, a benchmark in acoustic research

​​The Director of Research at La Salle-URL, Dr. Rosa Maria Alsina, will be in charge of inaugurating the Urban Sound Symposium 2023 and welcoming all attendees. In addition, during the second day of the symposium, she will be the speaker of the session entitled 'Monitoring-based urban sound control', during which she will talk about how the evaluation of sound levels in environments urban has been standard practice for a long time.

The session will also serve to discuss the La Salle-URL acoustics research line, one of those that are integrated into the new Human-Environment Research (HER) research group, and all the projects that are being worked on. The beginnings of research at La Salle-URL, led by Dr. Josep Martí, were in acoustics and since then the campus has been a benchmark in research and dissemination in the field.