Barcelona is really an international benchmark of smart cities, and Barcelona Chair will keep it interconnected and exchanging knowledge constantly with other cities of Europe and the world. A City-University collaborative for urban innovation


Barcelona as a case study.

Barcelona té com a missió actuar com a centre de reflexió i de debat sobre les ciutats per humanitzar-les i fer-les sostenibles i amb aquest fi, crear idees, realitzar projectes i proposar noves línies de desenvolupament.


Activities by Barcelona Chair.

La Salle Barcelona’s Chair main goal be a reference entity that can offer a comprehensive knowledge of Barcelona as a city of architectural tradition and innovation and, in addition, of the Mediterranean city. And contribute to the application of ICT in the city for the implementation of the Smart City model, studying its impact on the economic and social development of cities.



To take out performance of our knowledge about Barcelona with short visits, meetings and lectures to private, corporate, governmental and institutional groups of visitors. The 22@ Innovation District as a case study of interest.

Knowledge transfer​

To contribute to enhance our portfolio of undergraduate, graduate programs linking our students and contents with key relevant city topics. Bringing and offering real CHALLENGES to our programs to increase our educational experience.

“International Stage” in Barcelona​

Recognize the opportunity to design.

On-Demand International Stages about Barcelona as a Case Study, based on current trends in universities about inmersive Global Learning.

Planning Services​

The architectural consultancy, as an integral part of La Salle Barcelona Chair, facilitates offering a wide range of services to individuals, small to large organisations, and corporations.

Global Planning​

Advising cities on the best practices based on Barcelona success model. We design innovative strategies to foster human-scale developments.

Barcelona Planning

We are constantly helping the City to achieve a better urban life for its citizens. We link the next generation of architects with the future of Barcelona.


La Salle Campus Barcelona

We are here​

La Salle Barcelona Chair is a privileged platform to contribute to the construction of the city. La Salle University Campus, a smart campus (BIT La Salle) where is situated the Chair, offers knowledge and experience in four areas: Architecture, ITC Engineering, Business Management and Animation & VFX. All this has sense if we apply new technologies, the business management and the architecture to do a smart city, to serve and improve the living quality of the citizens.

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