In depth studying of the field of systems automation. For the evaluation of the subject a project will be assigned to every group of 2 people, the handing in of which will be during the first fortnight of May.
Type Subject

1.-Introduction to the industrial control
2.-Description of PLCs hardware and the industrial communications
3.-Industrial instrumentation
3.1- Terminology.
3.2- Pressure Transmitters.
3.3- Temperature Transmitters.
3.4- Flow Transmitters.
3.5- Level transmitters.
3.6- Meters of pH.
3.7- Gas analyzers.
3.8- Compact regulators.
3.9- Regulation valves
4.-Description of the SIMATIC software
4.1- PLCs SIMATIC S7 family.
4.2- Software Step 7, installation.
4.3- Program Edition.
4.4-Representation formats KOP, AWL, FUP.
4.5- Logical operations.
4.6-Temporize, counting.
4.7- Treatment of analogical signs.
4.8- Diagnostics.
4.9- Symbolic.
4.10- Systems Information.
4.11- HW configuration.
4.12- Data bases.
4.13- Indirect address, pointer.
4.14- Organization modules.
4.15- Alarms treatment.
5.-Industrial communication networks
5.1- Profibus.
5.2- MPI.
5.4- Manufacturer Ethernet.
5.5- Fieldbus.
6.-Industrial visualization
6.1- Operator Panels, OP.
6.2- Software SCADA.
7.- DCS. Distributed control Systems.
7.1- Definition of a DCS architecture.
7.2-DCS programming methods
7.3- Siemens PCS7.
7.4- Rosemount Plantweb.
7.5- JAVA applications for industrial control.
8.- Automatic production line
9.-Programmed visits to industrial installations