La Salle - Ramon Llull University, with the purpose of offering valuable content for future Master and Postgraduate students, has started a series of virtual meetings with alumni on Campus. The new initiative, called Alumni Talks - La Salle-URL, aims to generate a series of online sessions with alumni of La Salle Campus Barcelona to discuss their time at the university and their professional career, as well as to clear up all the doubts that future Masters and Postgraduates students usually share.

The debates will focus on different current topics that apply to different programs within the framework of La Salle-URL Master and Postgraduate training offer: Business and Management; Project Management; MBA and EMBA; Architecture and Building; ICT Engineering and Technology; Digital Art, Animation and VFX; and Computer Science.

The design of Alumni Talks - La Salle-URL is intended to be relaxed, enjoyable and fresh, lasting approximately one hour and moderated by a member of the Campus' Admissions and Academic Advisory team. The meetings will be held in a virtual classroom open to the public, which must register beforehand - free of charge - in order to gain access.

  • If you are a former student or member of La Salle Campus Barcelona, ​​please register at this link.

  • In case you are not a former student, you can register at this link.


Digital transformation: leaders of today and the future

  • Wednesday, June 3rd, at 7 pm 

It is clear that the digital transformation is the challenge of the 21st century and that, at times like the today, it is trendier than ever. From the optimization of patient flow in a hospital's emergency department, through changes in business operations, to the purchasing process on an eCommerce platform, the digital revolution is not only a set of new technologies, but has become a new way of managing, planning and relating within an organization

There is no doubt that data and technology are essential resources for digital transformation, but this transformation also inevitably has to do with the convergence of human teams and organizational culture.

And it is precisely in people where we focus: today and future leaders must learn to think and manage this new context in order to set and implement the strategic direction of the organizations in which/for which they work.

For this reason, companies increasingly demand prepared professionals who know how to operate in the digital transformation environment. Only with teams prepared for it can a company have the necessary resources to approach projects through the new prism, regardless of the sector.

In the next Alumni Talks session, we will discuss with five La Salle-URL’s former students of different Masters in the areas of Business and Management, so that they can tell us what skills and tools they learned in during their education process and how they apply them professionally in the era of digital transformation. We are waiting for you!

Big data vs. Data Science

  • Monday, June 8th, at 7pm 

The exponential growth of the digital world has led to a huge generation of data. Today, any system, device and/or company, whether public or private, continuously collects a large amount of data that must be processed and interpreted to facilitate application and decision-making.

This represents a great challenge for Big Data and Data Science, disciplines based on the study of methods for the efficient storage, processing, management and analysis of large amounts of data.

Big Data Engineer, Big Data Consultant, Data Scientist and Data Analyst are some examples of the professional profiles you can apply for with the two University Masters in Big Data (MUBD) and Data Science (MUDS) at La Salle - Ramon Llull University. All profiles have a great future projection in any sector, both nationally and internationally

But, what are the differences between Big Data and Data Science? Do they not refer to the same concept? What training do I need and best suits my profile?

In this meeting we will discuss with four alumni of the Big Data (MUBD) and Data Science (MUDS) Masters at La Salle-URL to learn about their experience and ask them any questions you have about this discipline. We are waiting for you!