05 March 2019

7 new start-ups ready to go following 3DS BCN 2019

The 6th edition of 3Day Startup Barcelona 2019 was held at La Salle Campus Barcelona-URL over the weekend, in which 50 students from different universities came together to take on the challenge of creating a company based on sports or travel tech in just 3 days.

The aim of the event was to encourage entrepreneurship among the university community. 3DS BCN 2019 has been organised by 3DS Spain and La Salle Campus Barcelona, in order to open up new future perspectives for students. During the event, entrepreneurs were able to enjoy the personal advice of more than 20 mentors, all specialists in different areas.

Teams were made up of 50 students from universities across the country. Over the course of three days, 7 projects were developed as part of 3DS BCN 2019:


Application for mobile devices with content in augmented reality, with the aim of bringing people closer to historical, artistic and archaeological knowledge, in a rigorous, enjoyable and above all immersive way.

The team consists of Marco Aguayo (computer engineer), Pablo Romano (civil engineer) and Rita Pérez (historian and archaeologist).

  • MACA

Your ECOfriendly Smart-bag. These are 100% recycled, customisable and smart suitcases that incorporate a geolocation system.

The team was formed by Alejandro Dégano (Tourism Graduate, EMBA), Clara Estefanell (Business Administration Graduate, Master's in e-Commerce), Manuel Llenas (Telecommunications Engineer, EMBA) and Andoni Salazar (Industrial Engineer, EMBA).


Using a mobile app, you can configure a virtual suitcase and have it available at the final destination.  This allows you to choose a different garment adapted to your specific needs and you pay only for how much you use it, without needing to buy it. 

The team was formed by Pepe Manteca (Engineer and EMBA student), David Reche (Business Administration Graduate and EMBA student), Lydia Manzanares (Master’s in Entrepreneurship, Venture Capital and Private Equity), Judit Cubedo (Doctor in Biology and EMBA student) and Jordi Torrecillas (IT Project Manager and EMBA student).


App/SDK to connect professionals in their free time on business trips.

The team consisted of Sara Torres (Business Management), Ernest Isern (Mechanical Engineer), Jesús Aventín (Technical Architect), Sara Martinez (Industrial Design Engineer), Cristina Díaz (Telecommunications Engineer) and Juan Carlos Sánchez (Telecommunications Engineer).


Security system that prevents theft of players’ identities using biometric architecture connected to a centralised system.

The team was formed by Rubén Fernández Alvarez (Telecommunications and Electronics Engineer), Carolina Montero González (Economist), Ricardo García Martínez (English Philology), Paula Mouriño Bustillo (Architect), Pau Ortiz Fuertes (Sciences and Technologies applied to Sport) and Ivan Aguilera Martínez (Sciences and Technologies applied to Sport).


The project consists of a platform for a large volume of personal trainers and people looking for specialised, personalised training, with the possibility of immediately matching by zone and time range between both groups, allowing them to optimise their schedules. Also, each profile will have the chance to manage its activity through the platform.

The team was formed by Silvia Sistaré (Telecommunications Engineer), Ferran Valle (Business Management, Business Intelligence), Oriol Izquierdo (theoretical physicist, personal trainer), Joan Casellas (Statistics), Enrique Vicente (Industrial Engineer), Txema Rubio (Naval Engineer) and Rubén Carmona (Naval Engineer).


Platform to optimise and streamline the user experience during trips.

The team consisted of Gemma Penas (Electronic Industrial Engineer), Marc Guimó (Economist), Roger Galdón (Telecommunications Engineer), Toni Subirats (Architect), Robert Uribe (Business Management), Martin Kravchenko (Business and Technology) and Evaristo Broullon Couso (System analyst).