05 April 2019

On 7 April, La Salle commemorates the 300th anniversary of the death of its founder, St. Jean Baptiste De La Salle

In recent months, La Salle has been in a celebratory mood, with various religious and festive events to mark the tricentenary

La Salle is celebrating the Tricentenary of the death of Saint Jean Baptiste De La Salle, founder of the Brothers of the Christian Schools (La Salle), with one of the highlights of the year's events planned for 7 April, the day on which De La Salle died in 1719 in the French city of Rouen, as well as that of 30 April, the day he was born in Reims.

With various festive and religious events and activities planned, the Lasallian family is coming together to recall not only the figure and life of Saint Jean Baptiste De La Salle, but also his charisma and legacy, as well as the impact he has had on all those who throughout these three centuries have joined his mission to help it grow, overcoming all sorts of difficulties and obstacles. The Institution wants this anniversary to be a real opportunity to increase both the viability and the vitality of the La Salle educational mission by going further still, as we prolong the legacy for at least another 300 years.

With the motto “One heart, one commitment, one life”, La Salle is demonstrating unity across the globe in order to work towards a better world, never forgetting our commitment to serve the most vulnerable in society.

La Salle’s mission continues to be that of providing better solutions to those who need it most in the world, trying to build a fairer, more caring society, adapting to the many realities of its surroundings in a spirit of responsibility, creativity, justice, respect, reflection and transcendence.

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