More than 15 years ago, at La Salle we realised that the entrepreneurial spirit is the driving force of modern society.

From its very beginnings, La Salle has been an entrepreneurial university. We have pioneered cutting-edge university programmes and we have always stood out for our innovative, advanced approach.


The entrepreneurial spirit is a key aspect of the whole organisation and all our fields of education and research.  Our vision of the future integrates innovation in technologies and social transformation.

The maximum expression of this philosophy was the creation of La Salle’s Entrepreneurship Park, Technova, in 2001. As a university we understood that we needed to be close to entrepreneurs, their innovations and their way of understanding the new challenges of the future.

Helping students set up entrepreneurial projects that crystallise into the creation of their own start-ups, has been one of our greatest challenges. As a University committed to our students' future, our goal is to give form to your interests and help you bring your projects to life.