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Innovative discoveries emerge from boundless curiosity. Research as a response to society's challenges. At La Salle Campus Barcelona we believe that research fueled by a lust of knowledge is the key to tackling these challenges.  

Our research teams are on the cutting edge, pushing the boundaries of knowledge in fields such as engineering, architecture, business & management, animation, digital arts, and even philosophy. This unique blend of disciplines, fueled by the latest technology, allows us to develop solutions with real-world impact for both society and businesses.  

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Two multidisciplinary research groups  

At La Salle Campus Barcelona, you will find two research groups recognized by the AGAUR (Agency for the Management of University and Research Grants of the Generalitat de Catalunya) and TECNIO certification:  

  • Human Environment Research (HER): focuses on discovering new ways of interaction between people and technology to improve health, work, well-being, education, leisure and entertainment.  

  • Research on Smart Society (RSS): aims to develop technological solutions for the major challenges of today's society, such as sustainability, health, energy efficiency, circular economy and environmental preservation. 

Connecting university, research and business 

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