Josep M. Santos, La Salle Campus Barcelona General Manager 

La Salle has been a paradigmatic institution in the management of change since our birth more than 300 years ago. We have shown how to accompany the transformations and development of society during these last three centuries through action and involvement, always evaluating the circumstances of the moment and giving the best response based on our values while deploying our mission. We are now at a turning point where the answers to many of these challenges demand a certain urgency.  

From La Salle Campus Barcelona we are rethinking the future of university education so that it has an impact on a comprehensive improvement of society as a whole. In addition to being aware of the need to promote a sustainable and ecological future - and a present - we have taken action. 

Our commitment is to our students and, through them, to society, and that is why we continue to promote an accessible and quality university education for everyone through our scholarship and social aid program, of which benefit practically half of our new undergraduate students and 1 out of every 3 students on campus.  

We can say with great pride that we do not stop growing. During the previous academic year, 2021-2022, we managed to surpass the barrier of 5,100 students. At the same time, our community is getting bigger with more educators (tutors, teachers, researchers) and professionals who contribute and make our educational mission their own, putting the student at the center. In addition to being more, we are also more diverse and international, one of our main goals to respond to this global world: we have students of around 90 different nationalities

Our growth is numerical, but we also grow in intellectual wealth and transversality, in terms of our areas of knowledge. We are very happy that the incorporation of the Faculty of Philosophy into our knowledge ecosystem and the creation of the Degree in the Health Engineering area has been completed, effective at the start of the 2022-2023 academic year. 

We are building the Interactive Arts & Science Laboratory (IASlab), a space that we want to be a reference in the immersive analysis of the audiovisual and multisensory industry in art and digital entertainment content. It will be a laboratory in which our entire ecosystem will dialogue: research, academia, companies, startups and administrations. The building will be sustainable and energy efficient and will take advantage of natural resources. The development of this project makes us particularly proud because it makes us the only private university to twice benefit from European FEDER funds, after they were granted to us by the Internet of Things Institute of Catalonia, our other unique space. 

I think it is important to be optimistic, but also to walk cautiously and hand in hand, knowing how to adapt to changes. In fact, I believe that hope does not come alone, it is something that we must stimulate together to better contribute to the common project. And this is attributable to both the campus and society at large. From La Salle Campus Barcelona we are enthusiastic about the importance of our work: educating to transform lives and working to build a fairer and more sustainable world. 

Welcome to La Salle, welcome to our campus in Barcelona, welcome to Ramon Llull University. I hope that your navigation through this website will allow you to discover everything you are looking for. Our campus doors are always open. 


Josep M. Santos 

General Director of La Salle Campus Barcelona