11 April 2024

Undergraduate students present projects linked to the Sustainable Development Goals

In the subject Pensament i Creativitat students work in a transversal way to promote social change

During the academic year, undergraduate students at La Salle Barcelona - Universitat Ramon Llull develop projects related to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the UN, projects that are part of the subject of Pensament i Creativitat, a subject backbone of all university degrees taught on campus.

In a transversal way, students from all fields of knowledge join together in groups and work on topics such as social responsibility, ethics, sustainability and social impact from a humanistic perspective, one of the fundamental pillars of the university. Through the implementation of their projects, students reflect on sustainability and the importance of personal involvement in creating a better and fairer world for everyone.

The link with companies is very present in this subject. On the one hand, the Caixa d'Enginyers Foundation supports the presentation event; and on the other, seven different companies, many of them members of the Corporate Board Council of La Salle Barcelona - Universitat Ramon Llull, have launched challenges on which the teams have worked. These companies are Incasòl, KPMG, Avoris, Fundació Caixa d'Enginyers, Black Fish, Consorci Zona Franca and Lavinia.

Project presentation ceremony

The culmination ceremony of a learning process that has lasted months and which guides students towards the promotion of sustainability through innovation was recently held on campus. In the practical activity of the subject, known as SDGs Challenges, 106 projects of first-year students were worked on and finally the presentations of the 21 finalist teams were made.

In Sala de Congressos and Sala Paranimf on the campus, months of dedication have been put to an end by all the first year students, who have shown originality and entrepreneurial spirit in their work, adapting their ideas to the climate context and providing local solutions to global problems. The two winning projects were Gràcia Floreix, with the mentorship of Mario Hernández and focused on objective 11 of 'Sustainable cities and communities'; and 'Get a Job', which has been mentored by Guillermo Guerrero and has worked on objective 8: 'Decent work and economic growth'. The quality and creativity of the projects are testimony to the commitment of the students to the achievement of the ODS.