20 July 2023

The two university campuses of La Salle in Spain jointly face the challenges of the future

Representatives of La Salle Campus Barcelona and La Salle University Center of Madrid meet to share reflections and share projects

​Exectutives and academic managers from the two university campuses of the work of La Salle Arlep ―the La Salle network in Spain and Portugal that make up 120 educational centers― have met at the facilities of La Salle Campus Barcelona to jointly reflect on how to face the challenges of the present and the future. The representatives of La Salle Campus Barcelona and La Salle Centro Universitario of Madrid have reflected on their respective missions and also on projects that they develop hand in hand and new joint work initiatives.

During the various work sessions, the attendees have talked about all the aspects that they have in common and that, in fact, they share with the rest of La Salle's educational works in the world: formation in values, service, focus on people, the sense of community, justice and social impact, among others.

Values, as the structural foundation of education at both centers, have served as the plot line in most of the sessions. The representatives of both universities have coincided in pointing out that fraternity, a vocation for service, faith, commitment and the community are key aspects of its essence. In addition, they have spoken about the many joint opportunities that they can face within the framework of La Salle Arlep in initiatives of identity and mission, training, internationalization and research, among many others.