20 June 2018

49% of undergraduate students benefit from the scholarships granted from La Salle-URL

49% of the undergraduate students of the university center benefit annually from the scholarships granted from La Salle Campus Barcelona

In La Salle-URL people is above everything. For this reason, La Salle-URL offers a scholarship program that allows those who have the knowledge, motivation and necessary skills to study at the university center, regardless of their economic situation, family, geographical and cultural origin.

On average, 49% of La Salle - Ramon Llull University students benefit annually from the scholarships awarded from La Salle Campus Barcelona. In the academic year 2016-2017, 2.3 million euros were allocated to the granting of a total of 962 scholarships. In addition, this year almost half a million euros have been awarded in aid to the first degree studies of the university center (461,680 euros).

The main objective is that the candidates who wish to study at La Salle-URL any of the programs, if they meet the requirements and overcomes the admission process to enter the university.

Students can apply for financial support scholarships (economic, mobility, international, community scholarships), scholarships from La Salle schools (candidates from non-university centers of La Salle), and academic merit scholarships (excel academic excellence , academic record, young leaders, IB scholarships, engineering grants La Salle), among others.